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23,77 EUR*
Details Displacement, Diaspora, and Geographies of Identity

Displacement, Diaspora and Geographies of Identity Challenges conventional understandings of identity based on notions of nation and culture as bounded or discrete. In exploring histories of displacement and geographies of identity, this collection of ...

37,37 EUR*
Details Identity Anecdotes: Translation and Media Culture

Identity Anecdotes Identity Anecdotes examines questions of nationality, identity, the use of anecdote to build solidarity and the role of institutions in shaping culture. It provides a mind-clearing exercise in recognizing what culture is, and how it ...

18,56 EUR*
Details Metamorphosis and Identity

Metamorphosis and Identity An exploration of the roles of metamorphosis and hybridity in the establishment of personal identity, with particular emphasis on the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Full description

123,38 EUR*
Details Organizing Identity: Persons and Organizations 'After Theory' (Culture, Representation and Identity Series)

'This book overturns the conventional thinking about organization and identity and puts in its place a wholly new theoretical synthesis. It is not just an extraordinarily incisive commentary on modern life but it is also a key to thinking about ...

18,31 EUR*
Details The House of Lost Identity

[{ The House of Lost Identity [ THE HOUSE OF LOST IDENTITY ] By Corley, Donald ( Author )Feb-01-2008 Paperback By Corley, Donald ( Author ) Feb - 01- 2008 ( Paperback ) } ]

45,46 EUR*
Details Exploring Identity: Concepts and Methods (Management, Work and Organisations)

Exploring Identity "Exploring Identity"brings together leading thinkers from around the world in an exploration of identity as a key concept in understanding the dynamics of organizations and the people who inhabit them.

67,40 EUR*
Details Language, Identity and Migration: Voices from Transnational Speakers and Communities (Language, Migration and Identity)

This volume presents a collection of the latest scholarly research on language, migration and identity. In a globalised world where migratory patterns are in constant flux, the traditional notion of the 'immigrant' has shifted to include more fluid ...